Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Maximiles

2. Becoming a member

3. Earning points

4. Exchanging Maximiles points for rewards

5. My account

6. Problems with my account

1. How does Maximiles work?


What is Maximiles?

Maximiles is one of the nation's favourite survey rewards programmes. Collect points when you take part in surveys online and on mobile, then spend those points on great rewards. 

You can top up your points by shopping with hundreds of the world's biggest brands, by playing games, responding to emails and more.

Reward yourself by spending points on products, experiences and vouchers from great brands. Choose from a range of over 300 rewards from our catalogue. You’ll find everything from music, film and books, through to beauty products, homeware and days out.


Who are Maximiles?

For more information click here.

2. Becoming a member


How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is easy and best of all it's completely free. To register you simply need to click here and enter some basic information. Complete all the steps of the registration process and we will give you up to 100 Maximiles points to get you started. Complete your profile questionnaires and you could collect hundreds more Maximiles points straight away!


Who can become a member?

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 16 that has internet access and a valid email address. However, is a UK based programme and as such is only open to UK based customers. Please note we are unable to send rewards to outside of the UK.


Is Maximiles free?

Yes, joining Maximiles is absolutely free. Not only will you not have to pay a thing to join but you can collect up to 100 Maximiles points as a welcome gift. Tell us a bit more about yourself and we will give you hundreds more! With Maximiles getting rewarded is quick and easy!

3. Earning points


I've just joined, how do I start collecting Maximiles points?

Collecting points is easy. The best place to start is by completing your profile questionnaires.

Once you have done this, you’ll start to receive lots of surveys by email. Complete these surveys to collect hundreds of points. You can see what surveys you have available here.

You can make sure you have are the first to access these surveys, wherever you are, by downloading the Maximiles app. This will maximise the amount of surveys you are able to complete.

Collect more points with our offer partners when you shop online, register for services, book holidays, enter competitions and more. There are over 200 to choose from in our offers section.

You can maximise the number of points you earn when you shop by using a Maximiles credit card.  Earn 1 point for every £1 you spend plus earn 5000 points when you make your first purchase.

Collect even more points by making sure you are signed up to our Maximail service. We’ll send you points offers by email. Earn points when you register or shop with brands or even just by you opening and clicking emails.

Why not tell your friends about Maximiles? There’s thousands of points available for you and your friend if your friend joins Maximiles using your personal referral link. You can find your link and more information about how this works here.

Finally, did you know you can collect Maximiles points simply for playing games? Maximiles Games awards you points when you play your favourite games such as solitaire, sudoku, mah-jongg and more!


Where do I find information on how to collect points with Partner Offers?

In the My Offers section each Partner Offer will have a points value next to it which tells you how many Maximiles points you will receive for performing a specific action. Clicking on a Partner Offer will take you through to a detail page which will give you more information on the merchant and what you must do to qualify for the points. Please take special note of this section as some merchants require strict conditions to be met before points can be awarded.


How long will my Maximiles points take to enter my account?

The amount of time points take to go into your account can vary depending on the type of action you have performed and depending on which partner is issuing the points.

As a general rule of thumb survey points are instant whereas points from Partner Offers take around 60 days. However please be aware that there will be exceptions to this. You will be able to find details about when points will be awarded on the detail pages of all Partner Offers in the My Offers section.

In order to be rewarded promptly, please ensure that if you are required to give an email address on a merchant's site, that you use your Maximiles sign-up email address.

Please note: In order to receive Maximiles points from our Partner Offers, you need to click through using the links on the Maximiles website. Clicking through from the website is very important because without it the Partner will not be able to identify you as a Maximiles member and we won't be able to credit you with Maximiles points.


Can I collect Maximiles points for referring new members?

Absolutely. There’s thousands of points available for you and your friend if your friend joins Maximiles using your personal referral link. You can find your link and more information about how this works here.


I share my computer, how can I ensure that Maximiles points are credited to my account?

For identifying and awarding Maximiles points to its members assigns cookies to each user's account. If you use a shared computer, for example at university, internet cafes or work, it is possible that the tracking cookies of other members can be stored on the computer. As Maximiles points will be awarded automatically to the last active cookie it is important to make sure you have activated your own cookie by logging into your account at the start of each session.

To find out more about cookies and how the Maximiles website uses them view our Privacy Policy.


How long are my Maximiles points valid for?

Unlike other survey sites there is no time limit for using your points. As long is your account is active any Maximiles points you earn will remain valid until you choose to spend them.

Where an account is inactive for more than12 months, we usually remove the points. This helps us administer the programme and keeps us focusing on the active members. However we will always let you know before this happens so you have the chance to keep your points.

4. Exchanging Maximiles points for rewards


What rewards can I get with my Maximiles points?

You can reward yourself by spending points on products, experiences and vouchers from great brands. Choose from a range of over 300 rewards from our catalogue. You’ll find everything from music, film and books, through to beauty products, homeware, days out and more.


How do I exchange my Maximiles points for rewards?

The process is similar to most online shops. Simply browse our catalogue and add the rewards to your basket, then check out. The only difference is the currency: here you pay with Maximiles points instead of cash. Following successful processing of the order you will normally receive the reward within 10 working days. If there is a delay please notify us immediately. Unfortunately, it is normally not possible to change or cancel the order once it has been submitted. 


Can I order more than one reward at a time?

Yes. So long as you have enough points in your account you can order as many rewards at once as you like.


What's the minimum Maximiles points I need to collect a reward?

The lowest price rewards are usually around 2000 points but occasionally we will have special deals lower than this. Bear in mind you can collect 600 points just for completing your registration and profile. In contrast to some other rewards programmes you don't need to earn hundreds of pounds before you can access your balance. There is no time limit on this either. You can order a reward as soon as you have enough points. 


Who sends out my rewards?

In most cases actual delivery of rewards is handled by external suppliers although Maximiles will pay for and order the reward on your behalf. Maximiles will also remain as a contact between the supplier and customer until the reward has been delivered. Please be aware that in most cases rewards will take 10 working days (Mon-Fri) to be delivered. In some cases this can be longer. If there is a delay please notify us immediately and we will contact the supplier regarding your delivery. Please ensure that you use the query system provided as this allows us to handle your issue more effectively. 


Can my reward be sent outside the UK?

Maximiles is a UK based programme and as such unfortunately we are unable to send rewards to outside of the UK.


How do I cancel/modify my reward order?

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel orders which we have forwarded to our reward suppliers, so once orders have been submitted the transaction is final. Also, it is not possible to reclaim the Maximiles points by returning rewards to the sender.


Returns Policy

In the unlikely event that goods arrive faulty or damaged, please inform us immediately so that we can replace the item or refund your account with points. In each case, you must exchange defective products or goods by following the supplier-designated procedures.


Can I exchange my Maximiles points for cash?

Maximiles do not offer this service as we believe we can provide the best value to our members by sourcing quality products that are reasonably priced. If the reward you are looking for is not available, there is always a great range of vouchers for you to choose from.

5. My account


Can I transfer Maximiles points to another account?

Each member is entitled to hold only one account and points from different accounts cannot be merged. If you believe you have created a second account in error, please contact our customer service team. 


How do I modify my login details?

You can modify your login details here (you must be logged in).


How do I modify my contact details?

You can modify your contact details here (you must be logged in).


How can I modify my profile information?

You can modify your profile information simply by updating the answers to the questionnaires. You can find the questionnaires here.


Do Maximiles guarantee the security and confidentiality of my information and data?

Maximiles are committed to our members' privacy and the security of their data. For more information please view our Privacy Policy.


What cookies are used by Maximiles and its partners?

For more information about how Maximiles use cookies, please view our Privacy Policy.


How do I unsubscribe from emails?

You can choose which emails you receive here (you must be logged in). 

Please note if you unsubscribed from our mailing lists, whilst your account is still live, you may still receive automated account administration emails from time to time. These might include things like password reminder emails or notifications about points expiring etc. These are a necessary part of having a Maximiles account and cannot be deactivated. For more information please view our Terms & Conditions.

The only way to prevent these emails completely is to close the account. 


How do I close an account?

We would hate to see you go but sometimes it's not meant to be. If you want to close your account you can do that here (you mist be logged in).

6. Problems with my account


I've not yet received my Maximiles points.

Firstly please ensure that you have clicked through to the survey/offer using the correct Maximiles links, that you have correctly met the conditions for earning and that the appropriate time has passed. Remember survey points are usually awarded instantly but points for Partner Offers generally take up to 60 days to reach your account.

If the correct links have been used, conditions have been met and time elapsed please contact customer services using the form provided. Please include as much information on the transaction (survey reference number, order numbers, confirmation emails, date etc.) as possible to help us track your transaction more quickly.


I have not yet received my reward.

Most Rewards take up to 10 working days (Mon-Fri) to be delivered and magazine subscriptions can take anywhere between 4 - 12 weeks. If you have not received your reward within 10 working days, please contact customer services detailing which reward you are still waiting for.


I have a problem with my login or account details. What do I do?

You can access and edit your login and account details in the Personal information section. If for some reason you are unable to edit these details to suit your needs, or are unable to access your account please contact customer services.


I've forgotten my password. What do I do?

You can reset your password here.


The system says my email already exists. What do I do?

This can occur if you have set up another account in the past and your current email address is already in use in our database. You should be able to access this account by requesting a new password


I did not see anywhere to collect Maximiles points on the partner's/merchant's site.

In the majority of cases you will not see any reference to Maximiles on partner sites. Maximiles points will be earned and awarded to your account automatically and you must therefore ensure that you go to your chosen Partner Offer via the Maximiles website in order for your transaction to be registered.


I didn't click through to the merchant from Can I still collect my Maximiles points?

Unfortunately we are unable to award points retrospectively in this manner. Clicking through the links is very important because without it Maximiles will not receive reports associated to the purchase or activity you've completed on the partner site and therefore won't be able to credit you with points. 


The merchant I have earned Maximiles points with is no longer on site. Will I still receive my points?

If the merchant was on the site at the time of your transaction (i.e. you clicked through from the Maximiles site) then yes your points will still be awarded. If however it was a merchant that was previously featured on the site but was no longer there at the time of your transaction then unfortunately we will be unable to award points to your account.


My account has been credited but not with the correct amount of Maximiles points. What do I do?

Firstly please double check the conditions of the survey/offer. Some surveys/offers award different levels of points depending on the action performed or product purchased. 

If you are sure there has been an error please contact customer services using the form provided and we will award you the correct points. 


I have ordered a reward to the wrong delivery address. What do I do?

Delivery addresses are manually entered at the time of redemption in order to ensure we have the most up to date delivery details and as such it is the members responsibility to ensure all details are correctly filled in.

It is important that if there has been an error you contact customer services as soon as possible. Unfortunately we cannot cancel orders which have been processed by our reward suppliers. Once orders have been processed the transaction is final and the reward will be delivered to the entered address. It is then the member's responsibility to retrieve the reward. 

Also please note, it is not possible to reclaim the Maximiles points by returning rewards to the sender.