Privacy Policy

You should note that any words beginning with an uppercase letter which have not been defined in this document have the meaning given to them in the General Terms and Conditions of Use which are available at:

When the Maximiles Programme was designed, the total confidentiality and maximum security of our members' data was of paramount importance. In this Privacy and Cookies Policy We explain the robust processes and procedures that we have implemented to ensure that such confidentiality and security continues in everything we do.

How does the Company guarantee the privacy of Members' personal data?

The Company is responsible for processing the personal data of its Members and We will continue to respect their privacy to the fullest extent. We are committed to treating personal data strictly in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, known as the “European General Regulation on Data Protection” (hereinafter referred to as the “GDPR”).


What is the identity and contact details of the data controller?

The data controller is the Company, Bilendi Limited, registered with Companies House under number 03762049 and whose registered office is 8 Holyrood Street, London SE1 2EL, UK. The provisions of this Agreement surrounding privacy, personal and confidential information will also apply to all legal entities within the Bilendi group of companies, the head office of which is Bilendi SA and is registered on the Paris Trade and Companies Register under No. 428 254 874 and has its registered office at 4 rue de Ventadour - 75001 Paris, France


What are the contact details for the data protection officer?

The contact details of the delegate responsible for data protection within the Company are as follows:

Name: Harlay Advocats
Email address:


What security measures do You have in place?

The Company endeavours to implement all the necessary measures and precautions to ensure access to the personal data of the Members is secure and in particular prevent such personal data from being distorted, damaged or accessed by third parties without authorisation.  More generally, the Company implements appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure that the processing of Members' personal data is carried out in accordance with the GDPR.

Members' personal data is hosted by Bilendi Technology (RCS Paris 417 689 221), a subsidiary of the Company's parent company, which implements appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the Members' personal data.

The Company commits itself to implement these security measures but it must be noted that no internet service can currently offer its users absolute guarantee in this area.  The Company cannot be held responsible for the protection of data flowing from the computer stations belonging to the users to the Website or the Mobile Application.


Who has access to Your personal data?

Your personal data may be transmitted to the following people:

  • Employees of the Company or its corporate affiliates who need to access the personal data;
  • Employees of certain service providers or contractors (including accountants, auditors, IT development companies, technology services companies, companies that supply the Rewards that form part of the Programme); and
  • public or judicial authorities in order to fulfil legal or regulatory obligations or give effect to judicial decisions.

Your personal data may be transmitted to a Merchant Partner if You registered to the Programme through this particular Merchant Partner but only if You ticked the box on that website, authorising Us to transmit Your personal data.

When you are making purchases and/or completing a required activity on the website of an Affiliate Partner, we will send your Member ID to an affiliate network in order to validate the activity and/or award You points. The Member ID is unique to each Member but can only identify you to Bilendi's staff or its affiliates who need to access it.

Following your successful application for a Maximiles Credit Card, Bilendi may share your Member ID with the credit card company in order to facilitate awarding you Points in accordance with the terms of the offer. The Member ID is unique to each Member but can only identify you to Bilendi's staff or the credit card company who need to access it.

We ensure that Your personal data is transmitted only to natural or legal persons which are committed to respecting the confidential nature of the data and to abiding to the laws and regulations in force, or which are subject to an appropriate statutory duty of confidentiality.


How can You exercise Your rights in relation to personal data associated with Your Account?

In accordance with the GDPR, You have, at any time and for any reason whatsoever, various rights in relation to the processing of personal data that You have provided as part of Your Membership, including the right to: access, rectify, delete and oppose, limit processing, portability of the data, not  be subject to automated individual decisions (including profiling), define guidelines for preservation and deletion and disclosure of Your personal data after You die. 

Processing of personal data is based on the consent You have given for specific purposes.  You have the right to withdraw Your consent to the processing of Your personal data at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent You provided before withdrawal of the said consent.

You have also the right to bring a claim with the Information Commissioner's Office for any breach on Our part of any legislation or regulation in force.

If You wish to object to the processing of Your personal data based exclusively regarding a decision made by automated processing, including profiling, or if You wish to withdraw Your consent to the processing of Your personal data, We will have to consider this as a termination in accordance with article 12.1 of the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

To access Your personal data, please click here.

To exercise Your other rights or to request suspension of Your Account You can:

  • Fill out this form by clicking here
  • send Your request by email to and quote Your username, the email address associated with Your Account and Your postal address; or
  • write to the Company, quoting Your username, the email address associated with Your Account and Your postal address. You must send Your letter by Signed For mail, with acknowledgment of receipt. 

If at any time You no longer wish to receive Our newsletters or no longer wish to be part of the Maximail Service or any other service provided by the Company, or be contacted by Us at all, please:

  • use the link provided for this purpose at the bottom of each of the e-newsletters and promotional emails You receive; or
  • update Your profile in the “My Account” section of the Website or send Your request to the person responsible for data protection within the Company at the following email address:; or
  • write to us by letter, posted using Signed For mail, with acknowledgment of receipt, accompanied with Your username, Your email address and Your mailing address.

When You register for the Programme, You may have completed a qualification questionnaire.  You can at any time modify the answers to this questionnaire by visiting Your profile in the “My Account” section of the Website.

For the purposes of confidentiality, any request or correspondence that does not contain the Member's username, email address and mailing address will be automatically rejected.


What is the purpose of the collection and processing of personal data?
How does the Company utilise the information collected or transmitted to it?

By joining the Programme on the Website or the Mobile Application, You authorise Us to create, maintain and update a file containing the personal data that You transmit to Us and that may include:

  • information about Your Membership;
  • information about all of the answers You provided as part of the qualification questionnaires relating to the creation of Your Member profile, which may include sensitive data such as health data;
  • information about the way in which You access the Programme, i.e. computer, smartphone, tablet, the Website, the Mobile Application, etc.;
  • information about Your connection(s) to Our services: IP address, GAID, IDFA, etc.;
  • information about Your subscription to the various services: Maximail Service, Panels Service;
  • information concerning Your Points statement: the number and origin of the accumulated Points and redemption of Points in exchange for Rewards; and
  • information concerning the emails, Mobile Application notifications and/or SMS text messages that you have responded to.


By providing Us with Your personal data in order to create Your Membership you confirm acceptance the Agreement between Us and You. Following this acceptance, any additional personal data provided to Us is considered necessary as part of the contract between Us and You.

Some personal data must be provided to Us.  We will otherwise not be able to provide You with access to or the benefits of the Programme.  This includes: Your email address, Your name, Your first name, Your date of birth, Your postcode and Your IP address.

Your personal data may be subject to automated decision-making, including profiling.  Automated decision-making is the automated processing of personal data which may involve using your personal data to evaluate certain personal aspects concerning You, in particular, to analyse elements concerning Your personal profile, for example, analysis of the personal data provided by You during Your Membership or via a qualification questionnaire or Your use of the Site or the Mobile Application. Such profiling allows Us to address You and to present to You, via the Website or the Mobile Application, relevant information allowing You to earn Points (including surveys of Our Research Partners, offers from Our Merchant Partners or Affiliate Partners, the Maximail Service communications for those who have subscribed) and make the best use of Your Points. Profiling also allows Us to limit the number of emails We send You and to improve your user experience.

We are committed to protecting Your privacy and will only disclose Your personal data to employees of the Company or employees of other companies within the Bilendi group and those third parties mentioned above, strictly in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy and Cookies Policy. We will ensure that the archiving and use of such personal data is compatible with the laws and regulations in force regarding the protection of privacy in the EU and of the UK.

As part of Your Membership, We may be able to use Your personal data in the provision of the Programme, including to inform You of updates and of the services of the Programme, to process claims, to assign Points, to communicate Points transaction records, to ship Rewards, to monitor the satisfaction of Members and to improve the ergonomics of the Website and the Mobile Application.

As part of the Panels Service, We may use Your personal data to select the most relevant and appropriate surveys of Our Research Partners and to send to You invitations to respond to such Surveys.

If and only when You join the Maximail Service, You authorise Us to use Your personal data in order that You may be able to earn Points by Us sending You emails containing offerings of goods and services from Our Affiliate Partners that may be of interest to You. The following sectors are the industry types from which you can expect to receive information, services or special offers: automotive, charity, claims, competitions, consumer goods, dating, education, fashion, finance, food and beverages, gambling and lotteries, gaming and audio-visual, gifts and freebies, health, beauty and self-care, home and garden, insurance, internet, phone and other service providers, IT and technology, lifestyle, activities and entertainment news and magazines, parents, kids and teens, pet products, retail, social communities and platforms, sports, surveys and panels, travel and holidays and utilities.

As part of Your membership to the Maximail Service, We may also transmit Your email address to third party companies for the sole purpose of effecting routing or deduplication between different databases. These companies are contractually bound by strict confidentiality agreements and will under no circumstances use Your email address or mobile phone number for any other services than those described in this paragraph.

For complete information on the processing of Your personal data by Our Partners when supplied by You on the Partner's website, We recommend that You consult their own privacy policies that will be available on their websites.  We are in no way responsible for their management of Your personal data. In order for Us to be able to accurately award to your Account any Points that You have earned, it may be necessary for our Partners to transfer Your data back to Us.


For how long is Your personal data kept?

Your personal data is kept by the Company for the duration of the Agreement, without prejudice to any other shorter or longer retention period and any possibility of archiving as may be provided by the applicable laws and regulations, in accordance with the purposes of the processing.


Is Your personal data transferred outside the European Union? 

The servers hosting Your personal data are located in EU.

In some cases, We may use providers that can be located outside the European Union:

  • in countries recognised by the European Commission as providing an adequate level of protection for personal data;
  • or in third countries not recognised as providing an adequate level of protection for personal data, such as Mauritius.  In such cases, We put in place appropriate safeguards to ensure the protection of Your personal data, including by concluding agreements with Our service providers incorporating standard clauses adopted by the European Commission. You can request a copy of the contract terms by emailing Your request to


Your responses to surveys

The surveys that You are invited to respond to as part of the Panels Service are the responsibility of Our Research Partners and the Company is not responsible for the processing of personal data that Your responses may contain.

Our Research Partners aim to process the responses of Our Members in an aggregated manner for statistical analysis purposes. We do not therefore send them Your names, email addresses, phone numbers or any other data personal about You.  The Research Partner must not collect any of Your personal data unless You have given Your explicit agreement to collection of Your personal data as part of the specific survey that You are responding to. 

The Research Partners may be required however, at the time You answer the questionnaire or survey, to collect Your IP address (which can constitute personal data) or other personal data.  In this case We require Our Research Partners to ask for Your prior consent by clearly explaining the nature of the personal data being collected.

To protect the confidentiality and integrity of the projects of Our Research Partners, You agree not to disclose information contained in the surveys.


How are Cookies used by the Company and its Partners with respect to the Programme?

For more information on the cookies used on the Maximiles website and application, please visit the page dedicated to our cookie policy, which can be found here.


Refer a Friend

Should You choose to provide us with information about another person for the purposes of earning Points with our “Refer-a-Friend” scheme, You confirm that they have agreed for you to do so, consented to the processing of the personal data You will send Us and that You have informed them of the Company, the Programme and the purpose for which their personal data will be processed.


Other questions?

We are committed to providing Our Members with as much clarity as possible regarding the confidentiality of Their personal data. If You still have questions however, please do not hesitate to ask Us via the Website or by email to