Discover the Mobile App Maximiles

Fill up with Maximiles points from your smartphone!

Whether you are in the subway, in the waiting room or at home while drinking your coffee, your Maximiles application allows you to seize every opportunities to earn points and especially not to miss any study.

You can thus answer studies, make shopping with our partners or consult our good plans from your mobile or your tablet!

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Also find our entire gift catalog! Once your choice is made, you can directly place your order without going through the site.

With the Maximiles app you can collect points by:

  • Answering surveys
  • Shopping from our partners (Travel, Fashion, Multimedia, ...)
  •  Completing your profile

Dowload the Maximiles Mobile App:

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The Maximiles app also allows you to enjoy the benefits and bonuses of Maximiles ... And of course, redeem your points at any time for the gift of your choice among many references!

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