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Maximiles are committed to our members' privacy and the following notes outline our information practices. If you feel we are not abiding by our policy or if you have any questions please contact

Personal Information

1. We collect basic personal information (Name, Address, Region, DOB, Gender, Marital Status, email address etc.) from you as part of our registration process to enable us set up your Maximiles account.

2. In addition we collect information on your preferences when you complete our on-line questionnaire and our polls.

3. We also collect information on your shopping & online activities with our partners as part of allocating Maximiles to your account.

4. From time to time we may also ask for additional personal information as part of a promotion/competition.

5. Refer a Friend: If you provide us with information about another person, you confirm that they have appointed you to act for them, to consent to the processing of their personal data including sensitive personal data and that you have informed them of our identity and the purpose for which their personal data will be processed.

Use of Information

1. By joining the Maximiles Programme you agree that we can communicate with you with suitable offers from Maximiles, its partners and clients, which may contain opportunities to earn and redeem points as well as to inform you of programme.

2. By taking up the “Maximiles Panels” service you agree to receive invites to third party market research surveys via email.

3. By taking up the “Maximail” service you agree to receive email communications from us containing advertising from our selected third party clients.

4. If at any time you no longer wish to receive our newsletters or no longer adhere to the Maximail or Panels services or any other Maximiles service, or be contacted by us at all, please use the links provided at the bottom of each of the newsletters and promotional e-mails you receive, or edit your settings in the "My Account" section of our website.

5. From time to time we may pass your details on to third parties for the purposes of duplication screening or for account management purposes. Your data will be used within the rules and restrictions of the Data Protection Act, anonymised where possible, subject to non-disclosure and processing agreements.

6. The collection of data by Maximiles through registration on third party sites may lead to your data also being held by that third party site. For more information about the processing of your personal data by all our partners, we recommend you to consult their privacy policy available on their website. We are in no way responsible for their management of your personal data.

7. You may at any time remove yourself from the Maximiles rewards programme in which case no additional communication will be sent from Maximiles to that particular account and after 30 days any Maximiles points in that account will be forfeited. Please email:

8. In order to credit your Maximiles account with Maximiles points gained from earning with our partners or clients, it may be necessary for our partners to transfer your data back to Maximiles so we can credit your account to accurately reflect your Maximiles points total. There may be times when the transfer of data will take place with a partner outside of the EEA. This is for contractual purposes only and again for us to be able to credit your account appropriately.

9. We may collect personal data from other sources in order for us to hold a more accurate profile of the data subject.

10. From time to time we will perform analysis on our member and transaction databases. The results of this analysis may be released to third parties, but only in aggregate form and will contain no personal information at all. We may also use transactional data to update your profile so that we can offer you similar products that maybe of interest to you based on this data.

11. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, you have a right to access, rectify and delete nominative information concerning you. You can also object to the collection of your personal information for legitimate reasons. If at any time you wish to exercise your rights please send a request by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt along with your username, your email address, your mailing address and your copy of ID to the address listed at the bottom of this page. Please note that in this circumstance we will be unable to administer your account effectively and it will therefore be closed.

12. Any confidentiality request that does not contain the username, email address, postal address and a copy of identification of the Member will be systematically rejected.

Tracking and Cookies

1. Cookie Tracking: We may store information about you using cookies (files which are stored by us on your computer's internet browser or other access devices), which we can access when you visit our site in the future. We do this to facilitate a number of different functions of the Maximiles programme, for example to remember your login details and to award Maximiles into your account. We retain the information contained in cookies for the duration strictly necessary for their purpose. If you want to delete any cookies that are already on your computer at any time, you can do so through your browser. Information on deleting or controlling cookies is available at Please note that by deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies you will not be able to access the full functionality of the Maximiles programme and will be unable to earn and redeem points.

2. We and / or our partners, use cookies in the following ways to administer the programme:

  • Cookies to facilitate communication between us and you:
    These cookies allow us to recognize you when you log into the site, keep your session active when you revisit us, show you the number of points in your account and keep your browsing session between the web server and web browser.
  • Cookies to facilitate the administration of your account:
    These cookies enable us to provide you with the Maximiles rewards programme as well as the Maximail and Maximiles Panels services.

Regarding the Maximiles Panels service, we may use a cookie to track statistics on your internet usage in order to send you market research surveys that are specifically related to your usage and behaviour.

More generally our partners/clients may install cookies on your browser in order to identify you when browsing and/or carrying out a transaction on their websites. This is in order to identify you as a Maximiles member and so that we can assign you points in relation to your activities. Please note Maximiles has no responsibility for the use of cookies by our partners/clients on their websites, and more generally their management of your personal data. For more information specifically related to individual clients/partners, please consult the privacy and cookie policy and terms and conditions on their websites.

  • Cookies to monitor the performance of the website:
    Finally we install a cookie on the computer of people visiting the site who are not members of the program, or do not identify themselves as members in order to produce statistics about the use of site preferences, the number and frequency of visits, number of pages viewed and more generally their activity on the site. This cookie allows us to improve our site to meet your needs. This cookie disappears once the visitor is identified as a member.
  • If you do not wish a cookies to be placed on your computer for these purposes, you can delete them by clicking on the button below:
  • Remove cookies

3. Maximiles also uses technology provided by Google using the Google Analytics cookie to compile usage statistics about the site so that we can improve it and adapt it to suit your needs. You can prevent the use of the Google Analytics cookie by downloading and installing a browser plugin available at the following address

For more information on the processing of your data by Google, you can see the Google Privacy Policy at the following address:

In general, you can decide to accept or delete cookies by configuring your web browser.

Please note that if you decide to uninstall cookies via your browser, your browsing experience on the site will be affected and we will not be able to provide you with the programme, including the awarding any points you may have earned.

4. Maximiles members may click through and open mail tracking when sent emails. This allows Maximiles and its clients the ability to credit any points associated to the mail and profile the recipients of our communications. We may also use this information to create a more detailed profile of you so that we can provide you with similar products that maybe of interest to you.

5. When you visit our site, we may also log your IP address, a unique identifier for your computer or other access device.

Website Security

1. We offer the use of a secure server when you access your account detail and profile information. We also use secure server software when you complete surveys that are hosted by us.


1. Access to your account is password protected and we never release details of this to third parties. These details will only be released to the account holder. If you have forgotten your password, please visit the "Forgotten log-in" section of the Maximiles web site to request your password and Username be reset.

2. Maximiles cannot be held responsible for any activity in your account that has resulted from a member not keeping their account details secure.


1. We reserve the right to access and disclose individual information to comply with applicable laws and lawful government requests. We also reserve the rights to disclose individually identifiable information to third parties where a complaint arises concerning your use of this web site, where that use does not comply with our terms and conditions

2. Third Party Advertiser: We display advertising from third parties on our site and we are not responsible for the content or privacy polices of these sites and third party advertisers, nor for the way in which information about their users is treated.

Site Operator Information

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