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Pig & Pint Extravaganza reward

Know someone that loves beer and crackling? Of course you do! you should get them this awesome beer and crackling gift box.

Some things just work amazingly together: Chips & Ketchup, Vic & Bob, Cheese & anything. But, we think that at the very top of the list when it comes to dynamic duos is Crackling and Beer, which is why we've created this delightful beer and crackling gift set..

Just as not all snacks are equal, (the Snaffling Pig turns his snout up at chilli puffs) we know that not all beer is beard strokingly good, so we worked hard to find a Brewer Pig who really knows his stuff. The result is of this research is a lovely small batch brewed, easy to drink, medium bodied pale ale.

When it came to naming our tipple we decided to call a spade a piggin’ spade. In a world of increasingly crazily named drinks, we think there’s something refreshing about quite literally reaching for a bottle of Beer. As a result, SP Beer is short on OTT names but big on awesome taste.

Four of these beauties make the perfect accompaniment to your choice of crackling, served in our 1.5ltr jar.

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