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Long-life learning e-card

Long-life learning e-card Charity Rewards Gifts & Experiences

Your gift can help young people to receive a decent education. We’ll push governments and local authorities to make education a priority, to keep schools open and to properly kit them out.

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Emergency kit e-card

Emergency kit e-card Charity Rewards Gifts & Experiences

When disaster hits, this gift can be a real lifeline. It’s a bucket full of hygiene essentials, from soap to sanitary towels, to help people who have lost everything to stay clean and healthy.

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Fix a well e-card

Fix a well e-card Charity Rewards Gifts & Experiences

Here’s a gift that could make someone’s day, every day. A working well can improve life for a whole community, and your gift covers the labour, tools and training to keep the water flowing.

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Plant an allotment e-card

Plant an allotment e-card Charity Rewards Gifts & Experiences

Gardeners’ question time: How can this gift feed a family and pay for their healthcare and education fees?

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Limited Edition Kendal Owl Cambridge Mug
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