Collect points at Expedia and choose from 450 airlines and over 4 million rooms with the world's largest travel agent. Expedia have plenty of new ideas and tools to narrow down your search so you can create the perfect holiday for you.

Shop at Expedia and get a bargain on flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, rails and vacation packages and various other attractions and services.

Collect up to 12 points / per £1 spent

Collect Maximiles points at Expedia !

Don’t forget!
In order to collect points make sure you are logged into your Maximiles account & click through to Expedia via the Maximiles website. In order to be rewarded promptly, please ensure that you use your Maximiles sign-up email address whenever you are required to give an email address on this site.

Keep in mind!
The use of voucher codes not featured on Maximiles.co.uk, or gift vouchers, may make this transaction ineligible for points. You will not generally collect points on VAT, Taxes, Fees or any delivery charges. Points will not be awarded if any items from your order are returned or exchanged, or part of your order is cancelled for any reason.

When will your points be awarded?
Your points will be added to your Maximiles account when we receive approval from Expedia for your transaction. Points are usually awarded approximately 30 days after your trip/car hire/activity takes place. Transactions with this partner may be shown as pending in your account before being awarded.

How many points can you collect with Expedia?
For every £1 you spend using voucher codes you will collect 0 Maximiles points
For every £1 you spend on flights you will collect 1 Maximiles points
For every £1 you spend on Car Hire you will collect 5 Maximiles points
For every £1 you spend on Hotels you will collect 6 Maximiles points
For every £1 you spend on Package deals or Holidays you will collect 3 Maximiles points
For every £1 you spend on Activities you will collect 12 Maximiles points
For every £1 you spend on Ground Transfers you will collect 12 Maximiles points

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