T-53T Remote Control Helicopter

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T-53T Remote Control Helicopter reward

Perfect for beginner to intermediate pilots, the T53T Remote Control Micro Helicopter is one of the easiest RC helicopters to fly indoors and is a flight enthusiasts must have. Supplied in it's own robust aluminium carrying case, it's ideal for easy transport and safe storage .The T53T has a geared co-axial rotor system which means it has superior stability during flight and, it's lightweight polymer plastic construction means the T53T is 25% lighter than other micro-sized sized helicopters which in turn means 25% longer flying time - nearly 13 minutes! The T53T is so stabile during flight that the pilot need only leave the throttle stick in the middle position and the T53T will hover effortlessly without any trimming. With a powerful tail rotor for increased speed, it uses the latest micro electro mechanical gyro (MEMS Gyro) to give you the most effortless flight experience possible. Up to three T53T Helicopters can be flown at the same time by three different operators without interference. Package contents: Helicopter, Metal Carrying Case, Controller, Battery, Charger, Instruction manual

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