Salter Nutri Pro 1000 Blender

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Salter Nutri Pro 1000 Blender reward

With a 1000W motor, more powerful than most blenders on the market, which means your drinks are blended quicker and taste smoother.

Nutrition extracting blades – Rotating at an incredible 25000rpm, these super speedy blades blend fast enough that nutrition and vitamins are extracted from the food, so you reap the benefits.

Beaker choices – The Nutri Pro 1000 gives you the choice of 1L or 0.8L cups, and storage or drink through lids, so you can store your drinks or enjoy smoothies on the go.

Recipe booklet – Included with the instruction manual is a list of 50 delicious and healthy recipes to spark your ideas and get your juices flowing.

Safety lock – The blade won’t begin until securely and safely clipped on, so you have peace of mind in the kitchen.

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