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The Russell Hobbs 19790 3.5 litre Slow Cooker is designed to provide easy and convenient cooking, giving you ultimate tenderness and maximum taste. If you have a busy day ahead you can prep your ingredients and put them in the slow cooker and it will be cooking whilst you’re doing other things.

The Slow Cooker from Russell Hobbs has a large 3.5 litre capacity ensuring you will always have enough space to cook up plenty of culinary delights for the entire family.

The Russell Hobbs 19790 Slow Cooker has 3 different heat settings; high, low and keep warm. This allows you to tailor the temperature to what you are cooking for the best results.
viewing lid

For ease of use and practicality the Russell Hobbs 19790 has a removable cooking pot allowing you to easily remove and serve food. It’s also beneficial for cleaning and is dishwasher safe too. The designers at Russell Hobbs have also given the 19790 Slow Cooker a glass lid so that you can view the progress of your cooking.

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