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The HyperFlex XR1330 Rotary Shaver from Remington is tough on stubble but gentle on the skin! It has been specially designed for closer more efficient shaving and its advanced pivoting and flexing head follows the contours of the face to get even the most stubborn stubble without catching the skin.

HyperFlex technology combines flexing heads with a rotary neck for a close, fast and sensitive shave. Active Contour technology, Lithium Power and an ergonomic design ensure a high performance shave - wet or dry and the shaver is cordless for total flexibility meaning you’re not tied to the spot while you shave.

HyperFlex technology consists of a full 360 degree rotating neck that allows for a seamless transition from face to neck and works in unison with the flexing heads to follow the shape of the face and neck.
Active Contour XL

Remington Active Contour system easily adjusts to every angle so you can shave faster, closer and more comfortably with 50% more contour than current shavers.*
Precision Ultra Cutters

The Remington XR1330 Hyperflex has improved cutter technology for a more comfortable shave, wet or dry. PrecisionUltra features cutters with holes to cut the short hairs and slots to cut the long hairs ensuring all hairs are captured and cut.
Dual Track blades

The Remington XR1330 Hyperflex is made up of three circular heads. Each head has two circular blades within each other. Dual Track means that these two circular blades rotate in opposite directions resulting in a closer overall shave.
100% Waterproof

For your convenience and preference the XR1330 HyperFlex Rotary Shaver from Remington is 100% waterproof, giving you the option to shave wet or dry.
Lithium Powered

For longer lasting performance and battery longevity the HyperFlex Rotary Shaver is Lithium powered giving you 50 minutes of use after just four hours of charging.

The Hyperflex XR1330 is rechargeable and comes complete with a charging stand. Simply prop the shaver in the stand and plug it in to charge! This stand also doubles up as a travel case, where it covers the shaver controls preventing it switching on in your bag! The shaver also features a charging indicator light so that you can see at a glance whether the shaver is charging or has finished charging.
Hyperflex detail trimmer
ComfortTrim Detail Trimmer

ComfortTrim results in a pain free shaving experience as the shaver has been designed with rounded tips to reduce the chance of scrapes and nicks whilst detail trimming or shaping.
Travel Pouch

Not only does the Hyperflex come with a dual purpose charging stand it also comes with a separate travel pouch where you can store your shaver whilst on the go! Great for keeping it clean and protected.

Remington pride themselves on cutting edge design and the HyperFlex is no different. The sleek ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand whilst the metallic blue and black finish gives the shaver a professional appearance making it look the part as well as playing the part.

About Remington

Remington has been helping the world get ready for over 75 years. Experts in innovation we pride ourselves on being at the very cutting-edge of technology and work with top salon professionals from all over the world to produce electrical personal care products that really work, care for you and deliver superior results every single time.

*vs. Remington rotaires

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