On A Wick & A Prayer 2 x Wax 'Chocolate' Bar + Melter

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On A Wick & A Prayer 2 x Wax 'Chocolate' Bar + Melter reward

Instead of making a "wax melt" or "wax tart," On A Wick & A Prayer use 100gm chocolate moulds to produce a long lasting and convenient way to use their fragrances.

Packaged in a resealable bag to retain the fragrance these bars are a very convenient way to enjoy their exclusive range of scents.

Simply break off a chunk or two and place in an oil burner and let the wax melt to release the fragrance. These chunks release their fragrance for several hours to enhance your environment.

On A Wick & A Prayer are designers and manufacturers of quality British candles. Over the past 15 years they have steadily built a reputation for quality and innovation in design. Situated right at the heart of English their location is reflected in their products which are only made in the Peak District and use only British sourced products.

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Colour and appearance will vary between scents from image shown for the wax bar. The size and overall shape of the burner may differ slightly from shown as in the picture

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