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O2 - The new generation of Mobile. Visit o2.co.uk for a wide variety of great mobile phone deals.
O2 are giving away bigger and better Top-Up Surprises to Pay & Go customers who top up £15.32 or more. These include music tracks, experience days, gifts, bonus top-ups and loads more. You will have a chance to win a prize every time you top up!

Earn up to 2,500 points

Collect Maximiles points at O2 Mobile !

How to earn
Take out a phone contract with O2. Make sure you go via the Maximiles website and that you are logged into your Maximiles account. Points will be added to your account when we receive notification from this partner. Please be aware this could take up to 90 days. In order to be rewarded promptly, please ensure that you use your Maximiles sign-up email address if you are required to give an email address on this site.

Please note:
No points awarded on iPhone sales.

What you earn
For each pay as you go order you will be awarded 350 points
For each SIM Only purchase you will be awarded 2,500 points
For each business contract you will be awarded 4,000 points
For each pay monthly contract you will be awarded 2,500 Maximiles points

M is for... More points every time you shop online or in-store - Collect 5000 bonus points on your first purchase - Find out more

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