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The world’s No.1 music store. And more. Buy your music downloads right here! Choose from the largest selection of digital music for 79p per track and £7.99 for most albums. You’ll find millions of songs from just about any artist, album or genre you can think of on the iTunes Store. Browse thousands of films to buy or rent. Keep up with your favourite TV programmes in standard and high definition. Download thousands of apps and games. Discover more than 150,000 free audio and video podcasts. Catch up on your reading by listening to best-selling audiobooks. Learn something new from the world’s top colleges and universities on iTunes U. And give someone a little entertainment with iTunes Gift Cards. Whether you shop at the iTunes Store on your computer (Mac or PC), iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, everything you love is easy to find. Earn hundreds of loyalty points with iTunes whilst shopping for music, apps, TV shows, films, and books!

Collect 4 points / £1 spent

Collect Maximiles points at iTunes !

How to earn points at iTunes
To earn loyalty points ensure you are logged into your Maximiles account, click through to iTunes via the Maximiles website and then shop as normal. Your points will be added to your Maximiles account when we receive notification from iTunes . Points will not be awarded if items are returned and any purchases must be paid for in full - part purchases or account payments will not qualify. Please be aware this could take up to 90 days but in rare cases longer than that.
In order to be rewarded promptly, please ensure that you use your Maximiles sign-up email address whenever you are required to give an email address on this site. Please note, you can only earn points at iTunes when you shop via Maximiles. You will not earn points on VAT, Taxes, Fees, P&P (Postage and Packaging).

How many points can you earn at iTunes ?
For every full £1 spent on purchases at iTunes you will earn 4 Maximiles points

M is for... More points every time you shop online or in-store - Collect 5000 bonus points on your first purchase - Find out more

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