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Ipsos Research Community

Collect points with Ipsos.

Join the IPSOS research community today to share your amazing and crazy ideas. Registration is completely free and there are also 30 prizes of £90 up for grabs; just register for your chance to win!

Collect 300 points / free registration

Collect Maximiles points at Ipsos Research Community !

How to earn at Ipsos
Simply sign up as a member of Ipsos to collect 300 points. In order to be rewarded promptly, please ensure that you use your Maximiles sign-up email address. Please be aware it can take up to 90 days for points to be awarded.

What you earn at Ipsos
When you register for free you will earn 300 Maximiles points

M is for... More points every time you shop online or in-store - Collect 5000 bonus points on your first purchase - Find out more

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